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Aug 18, 2017

Also discussed: Mission: Impossible (1996), White Girl (2016), Gone Baby Gone (2007), Escape Plan (2013).

Well, here we are ladies and gentlemen for another episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape! This week we're chatting about the incomparable Steven Spielberg and his alien invasion epic, CLOSE ENCOU.... no wait, not that one, the other one... WAR OF THE WORLDS!! We talk turning humans into dust, people behaving like awful human beings, and Tim Robbins and his crazy face, while also mildly disagreeing about the effectiveness of the climax to a story written over a century ago.

ALSO! It's a slow week for trailers, but we find a few movies that you'll forget exactly 16 minutes after watching them in Talkin' Trailers, we revisit the beginnings of one of the all-time great action-movie franchises in What Did You Watch This Week?, and Nic recommends a film that if nothing else, will have you attempting your own terrible Boston accent in Crossing The Streams

We've also got a big ol' MAILBAG to open, as we answer a question on our favourite movie and TV Presidents! 

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NEXT WEEK!!! It's our first animated film!! And where else could we turn, than to a studio that is part of the biggest entertainment monopoly in the world, yet somehow consistently make heartfelt and wholly unique movies, PIXAR. And first cab off the rank... WALL-E, the loveable trash collecting robot and his adventures in space. Don't miss it!