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Mar 17, 2017

Welcome back to Nic, Tys and Videotape for another action packed week! This episode, Nic and Tys try not to invade each other's dance space, as we discuss the legendary romantic drama DIRTY DANCING!!! 

We've got differing opinions here folks, as Tys and Nic go toe to toe on this 80's classic. Why can't Tys just relax and enjoy some sexy dancing? Does Nic think this movie stands up to the work of the master of the 80's teenage drama, John Hughes? All of this, and many more rambling attempts to sound insightful, ready for your listening pleasure RIGHT HERE!

We've also got our usual segments, Talkin' Trailers, What Did You Watch This Week?, and Crossing The Streams (each soon with their own theme music!!) and we tease an epic MAILBAG for next week.

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NEXT WEEK!!! We have the first instalment of something we're calling "It's On Our List!" a look at those movies that we really should have seen by now, but for some reason we just haven't gotten around to it. You know the ones!!! We've all got our own list :)

For volume 1 of "It's On Our List!" we'll be chatting about the British romantic comedy that made a household name of Hugh Grant (for better or worse), FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL!