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Dec 1, 2017

Also discussed: Begin Again (2013), Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (2017), Justice League NO SPOILERS (2017), Batman Returns (1992), The Limey (1999).

We're simply having a wonderful Christmas time here at Nic, Tys and Videotape, and we want to share our Christmas joy and cheer with you all. And to do that, we're spending the whole month talking about Christmas films, but maybe not the ones you would be expecting. For our first episode of December, we're looking at the Joe Dante directed satire of traditional Christmas values, GREMLINS! Boy do we go off the rails in this conversation. If you were tuning in hoping for an intelligent discussion of one of your favourite 80's treasures... this one's gonna be a bit rough. BUT if you love two guys struggling to stay on track because it's too hot for this nonsense, then look no further!!

ALSO! We try a special LIVE experiment to mixed levels of success in Talkin' Trailers, Tys gives his SPOILER FREE review of JUSTICE LEAGUE in What Did You Watch This Week?, and in Crossing The Streams, Nic throws back to an early episode of Nic, Tys and Videotape to recommend a movie we both love.

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NEXT WEEK!!! If there's one filmmaker most associated with Christmas, it's screenwriter extraordinaire (and delicious Predator meat), Shane Black. So to continue celebrating Christmas Nic, Tys and Videotape style, we're taking a look at the 1996, high-concept, action movie extravaganza, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT