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Feb 16, 2017

Welcome back Light-heads and Christmas Trees!!! After finally unleashing the first 3 episodes of Nic, Tys and Videotape on the world we're back with another few hours of under-prepared banter, as we consider the horrible premonition of our near future that is 1987's The Running Man!

Try not to sink into a pit of despair as we discuss the similarities to real life found in this sci-fi schlock classic, and also try and figure out why anyone thought an opera singer covered in lightbulbs would be intimidating. 

PLUS we catch up on a few new trailers, talk about a few movies we've seen recently, and kick off our new MAILBAG segment with actual correspondence from listeners, not just stuff we made up to sound like we were mildly popular.

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Next week!!! Quite possibly the most self-indulgent film in the career of the great Sylvester Stallone.... COBRA! Crack out the aviators and rehearse your machete dance, it's going to be a wild ride.