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Feb 10, 2017

Welcome back gentle listeners. This week, Nic and Tys stick their well laid plans up their well laid asses, as we talk about Die Hard With A Vengeance from 1995! As we pull apart the last true appearance of the great John McClane, we ask ourselves the important questions.... like "how exactly can you get 4 gallons using only a 3 gallon and 5 gallon jug?". Also, Tys maybe uncovers a great conspiracy to cover the fact that Jeremy Irons doesn't know how to use a walkie-talkie.

As always, we've got Trailer-Talk (temp name), WDYWTW (temp-name) and Sassy-Streaming-Shenanigans (DEFINITELY temp-name), and we can finally acknowledge the creator of our awesome artwork, Jac D!

Email us at or find us on Twitter @NicTysvideotape. It's like a reddit AMA except we'll never stop answering... until we do.

Next week.... who knows????? (Psst, it's The Running Man, we decided after recording)