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Apr 14, 2017

Why hello there ghouls and goblins and welcome to another fun-filled episode of NicTys and Videotape! We're kicking off another new segment this week and this time it's "Everything Old is New Again", a segment that gives us the opportunity to take a look at a remake and the original that spawned it! What better way to get us started than to develop a taste for flesh with DAWN OF THE DEAD, the 1978 original and 2004 remake! Did Zack Snyder accidentally make his best movie? Just exactly where does George A Romero get his stock music from? Would we brave a horde of zombies if our pets were in danger? All this and more as we revel in the blood, gut and gore flowing through these two distinctive versions of DAWN OF THE DEAD!

But this isn't the longest episode yet on Nic, Tys and Videotape for nothing. We're also filling up that timer with our regular segments Talkin' TrailersWhat Did You Watch This Week?, Crossing The Streams, and we discuss some brand new theme music in our MAILBAG segment.

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NEXT WEEK!!! It's back to our regularly scheduled programming as we talk the movie that won the great battle of the Magician Movies of 2006, THE PRESTIGE! We'll be digging through the fan theories and internet think-pieces to get to the bottom of this Christopher Nolan thriller, while pondering how many old-timey hats were discarded during the production (...also budgies). Bye for now!