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Apr 7, 2017

Well hello there crazy cats and welcome to another episode of NicTys and Videotape! We've got a very special episode coming at you today, as we're joined by the effervescent Jemima Bucknell for an insightful and sometimes hilarious chat about the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker mega-hit RUSH HOUR! We talk 90's action, Hong Kong cinema exports, sexy Ralph Fiennes and racism... so, you know... exactly what you would expect from a PG-13 rated buddy-cop comedy.  

We've also got our regular segments like Talkin' Trailers (where we also discuss the possibility of a brand new segment that may cause Tys some anxiety), What Did You Watch This Week?, we talk some TV while we're Crossing The Streams, and we throw something new into the mix just for Jemima, a movie themed 'Who'd You Rather' style discussion we like to call Grillin' The Guest

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NEXT WEEK!!! We're chatting TWO movies next week, as we bring you our next new Feature Presentation segment. We'll be looking at both the 1978 and 2004 versions of Dawn of the Dead in a segment we've (tentatively) titled Original Vs Remake. Join in on all the gory department store zombie fun while we dissect the Romero classic alongside Zack Synder's slick remake. We'll see you then!