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Apr 5, 2019

Also discussed: You Were Never Really Here (2017), Night Train To Terror (1985), Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018).


Here at Nic, Tys and Videotape, we guarantee to JACK YOU UP while we talk a movie that regularly featured in our '5 Weeklies for $5' bundles from our video store days... the alien-invasion teen thriller, THE FACULTY

PLUS! Yet another take on the zombie-horror genre gets a run in Talkin' Trailers, Nic gives his thoughts on the other Oscar winning Marvel film in What Did You Watch This Week?, and we open the MAILBAG yet again to discuss our movie analysis techniques, however rough around the edges they may be!

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NEXT WEEK!!! We haven't talked many War movies here at NT&V HQ, so next week we're talking a look at a mostly forgotten epic from the great Ridley Scott, BLACK HAWK DOWN!