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Aug 28, 2018

Also discussed: John Wick (2014), Disenchantment (2018), Dirty Harry (1971), Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999).

Welcome back to another episode of NT&V! This week, we batten down the hatches, swab the poop deck, and join our fellow man... we're talking UNDER SIEGE! Is this movie a comedy that no one (except maybe Tommy Lee Jones) was in on the joke for? Is Gary Busey even an actor or just a wild lunatic that directors point a camera at and hope for the best? Who knows?!?! Only thing for certain is that Steven Seagal really wants you to take his pies out of the oven.

ALSO! We've got 2 exciting Netflix acquisitions to discuss in Talkin' Trailers, Nic rewatches the first instalment of a soon-to-be trilogy in What Did You Watch This Week?, and Tys is 'feeling lucky' in this week's Crossing The Streams segment.

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NEXT WEEK!! We're going to try to not spend an entire episode doing a horrible John Malkovich impersonation... it's ROUNDERS