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Jan 30, 2018

Welcome to 2018 you crazy cats!!! Nic, Tys and Videotape is back, baby! We're still living in the past as we discuss everything 2017 including memorable movie moments, most disappointing films of the year, exciting new discoveries, and finally, our FAVOURITE (I repeat... favourite... best has nothing to do with it) movies of last year.  

No doubt our choices will cause reactions ranging from mild confusion to infuriation, only made worse by our constant apologies for not being able to see every movie we wish we could have due to boring life stuff... like work... and children. UGH!

Join Nic, Tys, and an extra Nic (in case the first one breaks), as we find our sea-legs again after nearly 5 weeks off, and battle with the enemy of podcasts everywhere, an overly excitable border-collie with a habit of tripping over mic cables.

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NEXT WEEK!!! Like last year, the second episode of 2018 will be a look into the future, as we talk about our most anticipated releases of this coming year. Let's see if any other movie can grab our attention in the year of Infinity War!! See you then, NT&V family.