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Dec 24, 2019


Welcome to our very special CHRISTMAS EPISODE of Nic, Tys and Videotape! And what better way to celebrate Christmas than with Kermit, Miss Piggy, and of course, everyone's favourite muppet... Michael Caine(??). It's THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL!!

We also start to get very excited about the newest Christopher Nolan film in Talkin' Trailers, and we both give some slightly left-of-centre recommendations for something to throw on the TV during your Christmas day food-coma in our Crossing The Streams segment.

And on a personal note, we would like to wish all our listeners a very safe and happy holiday season. We cherish your support, and we can't wait to keep sharing the movie love with you all in 2020!

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Thanks as always to Jac D for our artwork and Zac for our rockin' theme music.

NEXT WEEK!!! We're taking a few weeks off to ring in the new year, but keep an eye out for some exiting bonus content in the coming weeks, and our very special FAVOURITE FILMS OF THE DECADE episode coming late Jan 2020!


"Have a Happy Christmas - Geoff Hurley"


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